David Garrison : 4 Days PASTEL Workshop Rescheduled


Artists may choose their medium . Still Life and Plein Air will be the focus for the group. 

David Garrison is an internationally recognized Master with 50 years' experience as a professional artist. He has shown his work on three continents and his paintings appear in galleries and private collections throughout North America, Europe, Russia and China.

"I want the viewer to see the use of the medium, the end of the brush stroke, the spontaneity, the freshness of a new painting. I hope to give the viewer an impression of atmosphere, a sense of light and deep shadows, if I can just open their eyes to the simple beauty round us." -David Garrison

Recently, David has been invited to take part in an international exhibit in Taiwan. The poster for the show can be found here. https://david-garrison.com/ is his website for a look at his work.

It is a delight to offer David Garrison as an instructor at the Art is Inn because I have taken his workshop, twice!  David Garrison's workshop was inspirational to me for several reasons, I chose pastel as "my" medium and as I took a second workshop in France,  my thoughts about the lovely venue and terrific experience turned into this business presenting you this workshop. I am very pleased to host this talented and colorful artist.

David's workshop description is this is a two part program, the first part is learning to "see" through the eyes of an artist using these basic principles: Anatomy- all styles need one basic basic element- good sound drawing. Mood or Atmosphere - "creating an envelope of atmosphere" as described by Monet is accomplished by the technical use of edges, lighting, design values and use of color. The Finish -is knowing when to stop working on your painting, avoid "overworking it" and keep it looking fresh. These lessons are taught using demonstrations, question and answer sessions and observing and critiquing at the easel.  The second part of the program is to have students use charcoal and do a thumbnail value scale of their subject. By using charcoal and a MOO eraser they can apply and lift the charcoal. This value drawing is one of the most important ingredients to get right in a painting. No one will be asked to duplicate David's style, but rather to learn where the trouble spots are and how to go about finding them and knowing what to do about correcting them.



September 23-26, 2018