Life Drawing Session from 12 noon to 2:30 pm . Fees currently $10 with $2 discount for Parkland Art League members. Rates will decreases with additional participants. The session starts with short 30 second poses then 1 minute 5 minute 20 minute and 1 half hour poses. Participants will definitely improve their figure drawing with this practice. The model varies at these sessions, check What's Happening tab for updates.


Next Date TBA

Laura Lyn Stern "Contemporary Abstract Mosaic"

Contemporary Abstract Mosaics is an exciting and wide ranging Art form, encompassing an extensive range of materials, processes and imagery. Philadelphia based Mosaic Artist Laura Lyn Stern is offering up a one day workshop at Art is Inn which will guide students through the specifics of creating their own abstract mosaic panel.

During this one day workshop, students will use a variety of traditional and non-traditional mosaic materials and processes to design and create an abstract mosaic panel. The day will begin with an overview of samples of Abstract mosaic art pieces created by contemporary artists. Techniques specific to cutting and setting tesserae will be covered as will the use of various adhesives and substrates.

During the workshop, each student will work on an 8" x 8" wood substrate panel, experimenting with the materials provided (ceramic tile, stained glass and glass tile, slate, beads and found objects) by Laura Lyn. Participants are welcome to bring "found Objects" or art materials with them to incorporate into their mosaic panels.

Join us and get a great overview of the work of Abstract Mosaics! 

  Contemporary Abstract Panel  by Laura Lyn Stern

Contemporary Abstract Panel by Laura Lyn Stern


Glenn E. Blue   "Watercolor Secrets: Atmosphere & Effects, finally understood"

Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced Watercolorists as described below.

This watercolor workshop is for all levels of watercolorists painting in landscape and cityscape.  However, there will be no basic or beginner instruction on watercolor. Workshop attendees should have a fundamental understanding of watercolor paper, paint and brushes. Do not expect to complete paintings.  Instead Glenn will demonstrate many tricks of the trade and then guide you through your own attempts.  Attendees will see several ways to achieve a sky, paint fog, trees, wet streets, light, snow, figures and atmosphere.  Learn how to make water look real and simplify your work.  You will learn various washes as you move through a range of exercises.  In this workshop you will not feel left behind as you try to keep up with completing a painting.  Attendees will work on several pieces of paper, having fun trying new ideas or brushing up on ones you may have seen before but needed more guidance. You will learn what simple but important materials are really essential and what to avoid.  This workshop will improve your materials, design and quality of work! The class will start out with some discussion in which you may want to take notes. Glenn does not hold back on sharing the secrets and tricks of painting.  He makes a point to go around and talk to each interested student, even helping guide their brush if necessary.  Glenn’s past students have raved about how much they learn in his class.


Glenn E. Blue grew up in a family of artists in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.  His parents were art teachers at local schools, so he learned art at a very early age.  By his teenage years Glenn was selling paintings professionally.  Glenn was in the US Navy from 1984 to 1988, and then entered the Pennsylvania State Police.

 For many years he was assigned to the Violent Felony Fugitive Task Force in Philadelphia.  Glenn served his last few years as a supervisor in Criminal Investigations.  He spent many days rushing home from crime scenes to get to his studio or art opening.  He is now retired from the State Police to pursue art.  Last month on October 2nd, 2016 Glenn was a front page story of the Reading Eagle Newspaper’s about the Amish school shooting.  Glenn was a Trooper who worked the Amish school shooting and was also commissioned to paint a memorial of the school for the police and victims in the Amish community.

Glenn has trained in fine arts and shown in countless local, regional, national and international shows.  He has travelled to numerous places in Europe painting and collecting art.  Glenn has taken many workshops and private lessons over 35 years.  He has given lectures to artist groups and college classes and has been a judge of many art exhibitions.

Over the years his paintings have been in top watercolor exhibitions, such as; the American Watercolor Society International Juried Exhibition 2014, the National Art for the Parks Top 100, Paint The Parks, Paint America, the Pennsylvania (PWS) and Philadelphia Watercolor Society’s Annual Juried Exhibitions. Glenn was awarded the PWS Sylvan Grouse Guild Award, available to PWS signature members that earn a high number of points by winning awards at the annual juried exhibitions.

Glenn had a painting published in the nationally known Watercolor Artist magazine, December 2014 edition, listed as the “Top Art of 2014”.

His works have been shown in several galleries and he has been the subject of many newspaper articles.  He often has paintings on display in the Chadds Ford Gallery, in Chadds Ford, PA.

Glenn paints loose glowing impressionistic yet representational watercolors on his many plein air-painting trips as well as in his studio.  He attempts to artistically represent his subjects without every detail described. 


 May 21,22,23,  2018 This workshop is a fund raiser for the Parkland Art League, members get a 10% discount on registration. Workshop will be held at the Bethel Bible Fellowship Church , 418 Elm St., Emmaus, PA

Francis Verba - "Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama"


Francis Verba,from Paris France, is a practicing psychotherapist, a master yogi and concert classical guitarist. His life experience has focused on the synergistic relationship between the mind and body.This workshop is designed to take you forward along your path to self discovery and fullfillment. Mr. Verba's expertise and guidance will offer new insight in our search for inner harmony.


Outer silence, letting sounds flow without disturbing or annoying us anymore.  Inner silence, letting thoughts release themselves and liberating the body from the physical constraints by living perceptions, freeing itself from concepts.  Each morning we gather for meditation 7:30 am - 8:00 am before a small breakfast provided at 8:00 am - 8:30 am.  Then from 10:30 - 12:30 yoga Masterclass and Pranayama (ending by some questions).

This teaching is based on the Advaita Vedanta path (non-duality)

The Yoga's postures will lead the followers to experience a body free of tension, becoming fluid perception and... pure energy.


Francis Verba teaches worldwide with no sound, no publicity, no desire to be this neither that...Yoga with French Master Yogi,  Francis Verba, will begin at 10:30 am until 12:30 pm. Mr. Verba created Sifranver twenty five years ago as a guidance to self mastery enabling personal fulfillment by allowing each one to find their path through simple yet effective processes. This guidance is personalized with proven techniques which bring fast results to every participant.  His yoga style of practice encompasses three spheres of yoga: the physical work, the Cakras, and the Sutras. The philosophy for yoga is that one must release oneself from the self, from ego. As a practicing psychotherapist he supports that one must heal the self, the ego. It leads  one to figure out and release themselves from obstacles and constraints preventing self-realization. This course is an invitation to release ourselves from stress and to live our lives tranquilly.  In addition to being a Master Yogi, and a psychotherapist, he is a professional classical guitarist. He does not permit recordings of his performances and there is very minimal information or images regarding his professional life. He lives totally in the moment, the present. There are plans being made for students to experience a musical performance by Mr. Verba and details will be posted here and on our Facebook page when details are known.

Join this no-teaching approach that leans to no-ego.

Clothing Recommendations: Preferably large white (or clear colour, logo and pattern free) cotton.



francis verba pg 1 silfraner.png
Francis Verba brochure pg 2.png

Thursday May 31-June 3


Cecile Houel -  "Four step method for Lifelike Portraits and Landscapes

International Artist Cecile Houel will teach her 4 step method for creating a lifelike painting, a portrait or a landscape!

 From 8:45 am until 9:45 am Cecile Houel will demonstrate how she creates a painting, portrait or landscape. Students will then begin sketching their subjects with plenty of at your  "easel time" provided by Cecile.

Afternoon sessions with Cecile Houel, award winning international artist, will begin after a light lunch the first two days with instruction in portrait painting using pastels. The last two days students will have instruction in landscape painting or continue in portraits depending on the class's preference. Cecile has won awards from The Art du Pastel en France, first prize 2002, Pastel Society of America and Art du Pastel  in 2003 and 2008. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, member of La Societe des Pastellistes de France, Member of the Portrait Society of America, Member of Iowa Pastel Society. She has taught numerous workshops in the USA and France and her work is in collections around the globe. To see more of Cecile's work please visit her website here:

May 31 - June 1 ,2, 3

David Garrison : 4 Days of PASTEL and OIL

Pastel & OIL

Artists may choose their medium but instruction specific to pastel will be provided on days 1 & 2 and specific to oil on days 3 & 4. Still Life and Plein Air will be the focus for the group. 

David Garrison is an internationally recognized Master with 50 years' experience as a professional artist. He has shown his work on three continents and his paintings appear in galleries and private collections throughout North America, Europe, Russia and China.

"I want the viewer to see the use of the medium, the end of the brush stroke, the spontaneity, the freshness of a new painting. I hope to give the viewer an impression of atmosphere, a sense of light and deep shadows, if I can just open their eyes to the simple beauty round us." -David Garrison

Recently, David has been invited to take part in an international exhibit in Taiwan. The poster for the show can be found here. is his website for a look at his work.

It is a delight to offer David Garrison as an instructor at the Art is Inn because I have taken his workshop, twice!  David Garrison's workshop was inspirational to me for several reasons, I chose pastel as "my" medium and as I took a second workshop in France,  my thoughts about the lovely venue and terrific experience turned into this business presenting you this workshop. I am very pleased to host this talented and colorful artist.

David's workshop description is this is a two part program, the first part is learning to "see" through the eyes of an artist using these basic principles: Anatomy- all styles need one basic basic element- good sound drawing. Mood or Atmosphere - "creating an envelope of atmosphere" as described by Monet is accomplished by the technical use of edges, lighting, design values and use of color. The Finish -is knowing when to stop working on your painting, avoid "overworking it" and keep it looking fresh. These lessons are taught using demonstrations, question and answer sessions and observing and critiquing at the easel.  The second part of the program is to have students use charcoal and do a thumbnail value scale of their subject. By using charcoal and a MOO eraser they can apply and lift the charcoal. This value drawing is one of the most important ingredients to get right in a painting. No one will be asked to duplicate David's style, but rather to learn where the trouble spots are and how to go about finding them and knowing what to do about correcting them.

Oil Painting Agenda

Day One

No white paint on palette!

Morning - Experiment with transparent washes; have three paintings going at once of different scenes; Lean to Fat each painting;

Pigments will be explained opaqueness, saturation levels, transparency levels; Application of wash using turpentine or paint thinner, lean washes on all three canvases . No white! Q & A.

Afternoon - Squint at your image, form basic lines, Clean , Strong. Use of a simple palette of colors, No white yet. Controlling  movement of paint. Choose color harmony from color charts, Decide on cool or warm temperature in painting. Collect Mud for later use and add white to it. 

Day Two

Morning - lean to Fat = Squint at all your objects!! Color Charts

Apply white to palette. Darks must be lean and kept lean through the painting. The least amount of white is the best.  Keep brush strokes simple- use wide brushes. Apply paint with one brush stroke instead of five. Refer to color charts to keep harmony of colors. Squint at what you are painting: Values! Turn subject into a painting with Mood and atmosphere.

Afternoon - Major decisions - minor details, areas of painting careful with white; color wheel: Intensity ( color out of the tube) ; using an organized value plan to develop the painting. Use grays to make your center of interest more intense and interesting. Subtleties are so important. Use of the palette knife to finish and final squint for perfection!


June 25, 26, 27 & 28, 2018