Alain Picard : Painterly Techniques in Landscape and Portrait

Have you always wanted to explore a looser, bolder approach to painting, but just weren’t sure how to accomplish this style in your own work?? Hold tight, because help is on the way!

This workshop will empower you with successful strategies for loosening up your work with bold marks and fresh color. Exploring two unique subjects - landscape and portrait- we’ll learn how to simplify diverse and often complex scenes into clear shapes, values and edges. Then we’ll organize those shapes into strong design and color combinations using bold, expressive marks to interpret our environment for that lush painterly look. We’ll also explore innovative approaches to color through the use of underpainting techniques and interpretive color strategies that will break you out of your routine.

Each morning, Alain will demonstrate a painterly approach to the subject from start to finish. Two mornings will be devoted to landscape demonstrations, and one morning to the portrait. Students will work from their own reference materials, beginning with morning exercises to loosen up your work and learn techniques to simplify the subject. Students will progress to loosely finished paintings by the end of the day.A constructive and encouraging group critique will wrap up our workshop together.

What will the Students learn?

  • How to work in a painterly style whether approaching landscape or portrait.

  • How to clarify your vision for each painting

  • How to breakthrough creative barriers and paint more confidently

  • How to design dynamic compositions

  • How to simplify complex scenes into a pattern of clear shapes

  • How to loosen up your strokes and make bold marks of color

  • How to simplify and see value and interpret color choices

  • How to use underpainting techniques that will activate your scene

  • How to take risks that will lead to new discoveries in your work

  • And lots more!

Class size limited

Medium: Pastel & Oil

supply list:

Day 1 The Painterly Landscape 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Day 2 The Painterly Portrait 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Day 3 The Plein Air Landscape ( weather permitting) 9:30 am - 4:30 pm