Jessica Vaughn

Yoga Instructor

T-Th 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

Sa 10:15 am-11:15 am SATURDAY CLASSES START NOV. 7

For a limited time only Special Package Prices

24 Classes  $120 (regularly $240)

12 Classes $72 (regularly $120)

6 Classes $48 (regularly $60)

1 Class $10


Vinyasa level I This energizing class will help wake up the body through variations of Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation sequence. During this session, students will develop flexibility and strength while learning safe body alignment and forming the recuperative habit of linking breath with movement. Newer yoga practitioners as well as seasoned students seeking to reconnect with the fundamentals are welcome to join this supportive learning environment. As students  progress in their skills Jessica will offer Vinyasa level lI classes. 

Vinyasa level II  Designed for students who are already comfortable with basic postures, this class aims to help students build the flexibility, strength and stamina necessary for more advanced poses such as back bends, arm balances and inversions.

About Jessica Jessica began practicing yoga nearly 10 years ago while training as a dancer in New York. She quickly came to see how yoga helped advance the strength, flexibility and vitality necessary for other physical activities. Recognizing the advantages of incorporating yoga into her exercise routine, Jessica set out to complete her 200-hour teacher training at New York’s YogaWorks in 2014. Her teaching style combines elements of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga to make the practice both accessible and safe to all body types and skill levels.